Tripwires are digital lines that activate when crossed by a specific target. The user simply draws the lines around the perimeter they wish to protect, these can be set to specific times of the day or active 24/7. You can go as far as choosing which direction the target needs to cross from and optionally deploy active deterrence measures or notifications to your mobile device. Tripwires can be used with AI functionality to only trigger on humans and vehicles as well.


Intrusion is similar to a tripwire in that it is a digital line or area that is created by the user to protect specific locations within the camera's view. Intrusion will be activated if objects are moving in the intrusion area, so rather than going across the line like with the tripwire, the target simply has to move around within the perimeter of the intrusion lines for it to be activated. Like tripwires, the intrusion zone can be set with an AI filter to only be activated when humans or vehicles are detected and can perform active deterrence functions and send notifications.