All Montavue NVRs and Cameras can record at H.265 and H.265+ compression which are currently some of the most efficient ways to compress and minimize large files of video data. This means you get the maximum storage recording time from your hard drives and SD cards.

AI Coding Compression

Montavue's AI coding compression analyzes the scene and increases the bit rate for the area of the scene that humans and vehicles appear. Increasing the bit rate makes the image clearer but uses more data, however, at the same time, the AI decreases the bit rate for other areas of the image away from the human/vehicle which overall is able to save storage space by almost 50%. This results in the most efficient storage of your data because the AI system is constantly monitoring for events and changing the bit rate to match what's happening and where.

Motion Only Recording

The most efficient way to save hard drive space is to use motion only recording. This method is not for everyone, however, our NVRs and cameras have the ability to only record when there is motion detected. Combined with using H.265+ AI recording, this can extend the overall recording space of your hard drives by weeks, months, or even years.