Security Solutions for Businesses Large and Small

Montavue has a wide range of security products that are sure to meet the needs of your business. Whether you operate a small storefront or manage multiple locations worldwide we can tailor a security system to meet your unique business needs and budget.       Our U.S. based sales and tech support team can help guide you through the decision making process and answer any questions or concerns you may have before your purchase. But our dedication to customer service doesn't stop after the sale. We will continue to provide you with top notch service with Free lifetime tech support, a 2 year standard warranty and a wide array of resources to ensure you get the most out of your security system.  

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Retail Business

  Shoplifting can quickly become a problem in any retail setting. A security camera system from Montavue can help deter potential shoplifters and catch thieves if they decide to follow through. Safety is another concern for both employees and customers. Shoppers will be less likely to frequent your establishment if they don't feel safe. Security cameras can provide a visual reassurance to customers that you care about their safety and well being. In addition Montavue security cameras offer many unique features that can help you with your day to day business operations. Tripwire rules can alert you when someone enters your establishments via push notifications on our free mobile apps for IOS and Android. Intrusion rules can notify you when a person enters a restricted area of your store and more!

Professional Services

  Whether you run a small marketing agency or a large law firm, securing sensitive information is extremely important. A professional surveillance system from Montavue can help ensure information crucial to your business doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Installing cameras in areas that store this information or have restricted access can help you monitor access. Our IVS features such as tripwire and intrusion can alert you anytime an individual enters or exits a restricted area. Quickly review all your tripwire events for the day with our smart search feature which will show you a series of snapshots of events for a specific day, time and camera. 

Bars and Restaurants

  Restaurants and bars can be very busy working environments making it very easy to miss petty thefts or hazardous situations. A security camera system from Montavue can help ease the burden allowing you to focus on your customers while still keeping an eye on your business. With the MontavueGO app for Android and iPhone you can monitor your establishment from anywhere making sure your employees are following health codes and safe handling practices. Push notifications can also alert you anytime a sensitive or restricted area is entered giving you peace of mind amid the bustle of running a business in the food and beverage industry.


Criminals don't discriminate and businesses are usually on the top of their list of targets. They know you have valuable items and its easier for them to rationalize as a business seems more like a non entity rather than a person which they might feel empathy for. No matter the type or size of your business Montavue is sure to have a system to fit your needs. Whether you run a manufacturing plant, a small automotive garage or multiple warehouses we can help you protect your inventory, employees and customers



4K Security Cameras Provide Best image quality for your business  

4K security cameras offer approximately 4 times the resolution of traditional 1080p cameras. Giving you unmatched image detail and clarity which is an important feature when attempting to identify a criminal. Another important detail essential for capturing incidents is the cameras frame rate. Our 4K surveillance cameras can record at up to 30 frames per second at the full 4k resolution ensuring you don't miss a thing. Many other 4k cameras on the market only record 15fps at the full resolution which can result in choppy footage that can miss crucial moments.

H.265 Compression allows you to store more footage

If you are looking to get 4K security cameras for your business it is also important to take into account storage space. 4K cameras will require more hard drive space than other cameras due to the higher resolution and file sizes. Our 4K cameras can be configured to take advantage of the latest H.265 video compression which can reduce file sizes helping you capture more. A single 4K camera recording at 30fps with H.265 compression will use approximately 43 Gigabytes of storage to record 24 hours of footage. Compare that with traditional H.264 compression which would take 84 Gigabytes to store the same amount of time. Luckily our 32 channel Network Video Recorders are equipped with 4 hard drive bays which can handle 10 TB each for a total of 40 Terabytes of storage internally. The 32 Channel NVR also has an Esata port allowing you to connect a separate Esata box giving you 4 additional bays for a grand total of 80 Terabytes of storage. Don't need that many cameras? Not a problem our 8 and 16 channel NVRs have 2 hard drive bays that can accept up to 2 x 10TB drives for a total of 20 Terabytes. That would give your approximately 27 days of continuous footage for 16x 4K cameras or 55 days for 8 cameras.

Flexible recording options to fit the needs of your business

Our 4K professional grade Network Video Recorders also offer flexible recording options. Don't need all your cameras to record 24/7? Not a problem. You can easily schedule individual cameras to only record specific times of the day. You can also configure them to only record when they detect motion or when a tripwire is triggered. This can allow you to store much longer periods of time when compared to continuous recording.


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Varifocal Cameras Help Cover Larger Areas of Your Business

Varifocal security cameras are equipped with an Optical Zoom. An Optical Zoom allows you move the cameras lens in or out allowing you to get a closer to your subject without having to physically mount the camera closer. This is ideal for large areas like warehouses or parking lots where you may not have the ability to mount the camera as close as you need. Keep in mind that this is only giving you the ability to zoom in and out. The camera will remain in a static or fixed position looking straight forward. If you need the ability to move the camera right, left or up and down you will want to click the next tab labeled PTZ cameras.

Control your cameras optical zoom remotely

Our Varifocal cameras will also allow you to zoom the camera in an out without having to be at your business. The zoom can be controlled on the NVR or through our free mobile apps for Andriod, Iphone, PC and Mac. Giving you control of your business security from anywhere you have an internet connection. Note that the video you are seeing is also what is getting recorded. So if your camera is not zoomed in when an event is recorded then you will not be able to zoom it in during playback.  

4K Varifocal Cameras for Business Security

4K Varifocal Security Systems for Businesses

The Ultimate Control Over Your Business Security

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras offer your business the most flexibility in terms of monitoring. These cameras combine the functionality of varifocal cameras with the ability to move your camera right, left, up and down. This can allow you to monitor more areas with a single camera and gives you complete control of the cameras view without having to physically move the camera. Note that this camera will only record what it is currently viewing at any given time. If you are looking for a camera what will record a 360 degree view then click on the tab that says Fisheye Cameras.

Control your Businesses PTZ Cameras Remotely

Our Pan Tilt Zoom cameras will also allow you to move your camera and zoom in an out without having to be at your business. The Pan, Tilt and Zoom can all be controlled on the NVR or through our free mobile apps for Andriod, Iphone, PC and Mac. Giving you complete control of your business security from anywhere you have an internet connection. Note that just like Varifocal cameras the video you are seeing is also what is getting recorded. So if your camera is not zoomed in when an event is recorded then you will not be able to zoom it in during playback.  


Business security cameras with built in microphones

Surveillance cameras with built in microphones can record audio directly from the camera. The camera will have a small microphone installed directly inside the camera. These microphones can capture sound from approximately 30 feet away. This can be useful to help resolve disputes and ensure your employees are following proper customer service etiquette. They can also be used to monitor industrial machinery for sound changes that might indicate a machine needs service before the problem becomes a costly repair.

Simplify your businesses audio recording installation

Since our audio cameras have a built in microphone there is no need to run a separate audio and power cable to get audio recording. Both your video and audio stream will be carried to your network video recorder by a single ethernet cable. This makes installing an audio recording system much less complicated, reducing installation costs and eliminating cable clutter.

Listen to your Audio Cameras from Anywhere

Our Audio recording cameras will allow you to hear what is happening at your business from anywhere you have an internet connection with our free mobile apps for Andriod, Iphone, PC and Mac. Giving you complete control of your business security from just about anywhere.

Audio Recording Cameras for Business

Security Systems with Audio Recording for Business

360 degree security coverage of your business

Fisheye security cameras have a super wide angle lens. This gives the camera a 360 degree field of view allowing it to record a large area like an open office space, warehouse or retail store. Unlike a PTZ this is a static or fixed lens camera meaning you cannot move the camera. Instead this camera will capture a 360 degree image that will look very distorted sphere until you use the NVR's de-warping function. This will unwrap the image and lay it flat allowing you to pick and choose different areas of the image.

Advantages and disadvantages between Fisheye cameras and PTZ's

Fisheye cameras have a distinct advantage over PTZ cameras when trying to cover a large area with a single camera. Fisheye cameras are recording 360 degrees around the camera at all times. Whereas PTZ cameras are only recording the area that is currently in its narrow field of view. However PTZ's have the advantage of an Optical zoom allowing you to zoom the camera in much closer to your subject for more detail, a fisheye has no optical zoom. This can be an important distinction when trying to decide which camera to get for your business.

Free Mobile and Computer apps to Monitor your Business from anywhere

Montavue offers Free apps for both iPhone and Android. Unlike other companies our apps are completely free and unlocked. So there are no hidden service fees or features to unlock. All of your footage is stored locally on your NVR's hard drive so there is no need to pay for cloud storage services either. Our fully functional app will allow you to view both the live feed as well as the recorded footage of your cameras. You can also subscribe to get push notifications to you smart phone for events such as tripwires or motion detection and more. Got multiple locations? No worries you can add multiple NVR's to the app and view cameras from different locations at the same time. Note: Remote monitoring requires an internet connection at both the NVR and where the device is located. Remote monitoring capability will be dependent on the upload speed where the NVR is located and the download speed where the smart device is located. The minimum required upload speed for operation is 8 mbps upload speed at the NVR's location.