MTT8105 Package | 8MP 4K Turret Cameras + 4 Channel NVR and 1TB HDD

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4 Channel NVR

The MNR8040X-4 NVR is capable of recording at 4K resolution at 20 frames per second, 4K live display, H 265+ recording, and 80 Mbps data/processing speeds. The 4 channel NVR has one hard drive bay that supports up to 16TB of storage capacity on a SATA III hard drive. Supports AI by camera: Face detection, SMD, and SMD smart search by vehicle and human. 1x HDMI for high definiton 4K output and 1x VGA for 1080p output.


The MTT8105 is a multi-functional everyday use camera for all types of scenarios. Recording at 4K with 15 frames per second speeds it will capture high definition recordings while maintaining smooth video speeds, all of this at a 105° angle which means you will capture a wide view to leave nothing unsecured. Equipped with a built-in mic for recording audio and IR LED night vision with 100ft illumination distance, and IVS/motion detection abilities. Also features an IP67 weatherproof aluminim metal body enabling it to be placed in nearly any environment.

Motion Detection & IVS

The MTT8105 is equipped with motion detection ability and intelligent video surveillance (IVS). Motion detection can read the entire scene and detect motion in any part of the video, the motion area can be adjusted with sensitivity settings and blocked sectors to suit your location accurately.

Intelligent video surveillance is the ability to create tripwires, these are digial lines that are placed in specific locations and are only triggered if an object crosses them. This can provide extremely accurate motion triggers and notifications, which can protect specific areas of your property and cut down on false notifications.

IR LED Nightvision

Equipped with IR LED nightvision, the MTT8105 has a range of 100ft through pure darkness. The camera will activate night vision automatically when the sensors detect there is not enough available light to produce a full color image. The infrared light is invisible to humans, giving you the best advantage at night.

Built-In Microphone

The MTT8105 comes with a built-in microphone for audio recording. Capture any audio from your events whether the sound is coming from across the street or it's a conversation in the yard. The built-in mic has directional abilities, meaning that it is more effecient and sensitive towards the area that the camera is pointed, this ensures you only hear what is important and background noise is kept to a minimum. Live audio can be transmitted to your remote devices on Montavue GO or listened to from your NVR. If recording audio is not necessary or allowed in your location, deactivation is fast and simple.

1TB Included Storage

The MNR8040X-4 comes with one hard drive bay capable of holding up to 10TB of storage capacity. This package will come with a 1TB hard drive that will be installed prior to shipping.

The MTT8105 has a slot for a micro SD card. This is useful for acting as backup storage if anything were to happen to the NVR or hard drive within, in that event, each camera would have independent recordings on their micro SD card that you could refer to. These micro SD cards can typically record up to 3-4 days worth of video.

Remote Connectivity

Montavue NVRs can connect to your local network and internet which enables the ability to view your system remotely using our free Montavue GO app. Montavue GO is available on smartphone, PC, or tablet and can be accessed 24/7 for free as long as you have an internet signal to your NVR and viewing device. Smart notifications can be sent to your mobile device when humans or vehicles are identified by your Montavue camera system, enabling you to respond to events while you're away.

What's Included

  • MNR8040X-4 NVR
  • 1TB Surveillance Grade HDD
  • MTT8105 Cameras
  • 100ft Cat5e Cable per camera
  • HDMI Cable and Network Cable
  • USB Mouse
  • Camera mounting template decal
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Allen Wrench
  • Water Resistant Casing for PoE connection

Specifications for MTT8105 and MNR8040X-4

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