Purchase a MontCare extended warranty plan to protect and extend your warranty coverage to 3 or 5 years. The warranty plans we offer are very affordable for peace of mind years beyond the sale.

MontCare Extended Warranty 3-Year5-Year
ModelPlan PricePlan Price
MontCare-99(Purchases up to $99.99)5.99
MontCare-199(Purchases up to $199.99)11.9923.99
MontCare-399(Purchases up to $399.99)23.9947.99
MontCare-599(Purchases up to $599.99)35.9971.99
MontCare-799(Purchases up to $799.99)65.99131.99
MontCare-999(Purchases up to $999.99)71.99143.99
MontCare-1199(Purchases up to $1,199.99)75.99151.99
MontCare-1399(Purchases up to $1,399.99)82.99165.99
MontCare-1599(Purchases up to $1,599.99)107.99215.99
MontCare-1799(Purchases up to $1,799.99)119.99239.99
MontCare-1999(Purchases up to $1,999.99)131.99263.99
MontCare-2399(Purchases up to $2,399.99)143.99287.99
MontCare-2799(Purchases up to $2,799.99)167.99335.99
MontCare-3199(Purchases up to $3,199.99)179.99359.99
MontCare-3599(Purchases up to $3,599.99)203.99407.99
MontCare-3999(Purchases up to $3,999.99)227.99455.99
MontCare-4499(Purchases up to $4,499.99)251.99503.99
MontCare-4999(Purchases up to $4,999.99)275.99551.99
MontCare-5999(Purchases up to $5,999)299.99599.99
Above $5,999Contact for warranty

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