Montavue MTZ2250 IP PoE Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Speed Dome Camera with 1080P HD Resolution, 25x Zoom & Color Night Optics

Discontinued product!
Recommended replacement: 
MTZ4120-IR 12x PTZ 
MTZ2250-IR 25x PTZ
Note: Check the recommended replacement product data sheet for full specification

Indoor/Outdoor Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera with Color Night Optics, 25x Optical Zoom & Color Night Optics Starlight Sensor


The Montavue 2MP MTZ2250 25x zoom network IP Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) surveillance camera is the industry leading 2MP HD IP PTZ camera on the market with color night optics.  Not all PTZ cameras are created equal. Our PTZ camera is made with quality components and features to give you clear and crisp images day and night that will last for years to come. We make it easy to view and control the PTZ from anywhere with our free mobile viewing app, MontavueGO, which is compatible with Mac, PC, Android and Apple. These cameras can stand alone, record to an FTP, your local PC, Montavue Network Video Recorder (NVR), or to an ONVIF compliant recorder. This Montavue PTZ camera features impressive endless 360° panning, 0°-90° tilt, Color Night Optics with an extreme low-light sensor that records color images with only .005 lux, 60FPS recording at 2MP 1080p HD resolution, viewing angle of 2.4° – 59.2°, impressive 25x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom, smart motion alerts, email alerts and snapshots, IVS features and a secure SSL/HTTPS connection.

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MTZ4140-ir Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

2MP 1080P Pan-Tilt-Zoom PTZ Camera with 25x Optical Zoom

Large areas such as parking lots, warehouses, lobbies, and more can be difficult to monitor closely, and may take 20 cameras to accomplish the same views as this one 2MP 25x PTZ camera. The Montavue MTZ2250 is equipped with an incredible high quality 1080p resolution lens, and can continuously/pan endlessly 360º, and tilt from 0º-90º which enables you to cover incredible distances and areas with just a single PTZ camera. The speeds match the features with 500º per second panning, and 500º per second tilt.


Color imaging in low light conditions with color night optics

Our MTZ2250 PTZ camera has the best night vision on the market with our innovative Color Night Optics feature that continues to give you full-color video in low-light conditions. The low-light conditions piece is critical, as there is no such thing as night vision that is color, don’t be fooled by other marketing materials. Our Color Night Optics only needs .005 lux(measurement of light) without IR to produce a color image, our competition needs .1 lux without IR to produce that same color image, almost 20x as much light. In complete dark situations with no light, this camera will not produce an image, if you need infrared night vision please view the MTZ2250-IR.

Real-Time 60 Frames-per-Second (FPS) Recording at 2MP 1080P Resolution

The Montavue MTZ2250 pan-tilt-zoom PTZ camera records real-time at 60FPS in 2mp 1080p resolution. What does that mean? It means that when an object is moving at normal speeds the camera is recording in real-time so it won’t be blurry. Compare that to the competition’s 2MP PTZ cameras. For most of the competition’s 2MP cameras, especially ones sold at retailers and warehouse clubs, they only record at 15-20FPS. That is half the speed of our 2mp and 4mp cameras, and only one of the major differences between our cameras and the competition's.  

  • Montavue MTZ2250 network PTZ camera records at 60FPS in 1080p 2mp Resolution
  • 30 and 60FPS is real-time to reduce blurry images with movement
  • Most of the competition’s cameras record at 15-20FPS in 2MP resolution, creating blurry images with movement

Superior Clarity and Resolution

Montavue PTZ cameras are equipped with the best components made on the market to produce the clearest image possible. We strive to produce quality cameras that will give each one of our customers the best image at a very competitive price. Every Montavue PTZ camera is equipped with industry-leading True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Backlight Compensation (BLC), Highlight Compensation (HLC), and 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction technologies (3D DNR). WDR, BLC, and HLC all fix lighting issues with producing a quality image by minimizing the effects of bright backgrounds and foregrounds and lights in between. The goal is to produce an image that looks similar to if you were there in person. 3D DNR is an important feature for night vision and low light video. It reduces the fuzzy hazy images that are produced from noise transmitted from the camera, which creates a clearer image, cuts down on storage, and reduces false motion alerts.

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS)

The MTZ2250 IP PTZ camera is equipped with our Intelligent Video Surveillance features. These include tripwire, face detection, intrusion, missing object, and abandoned object. Those IVS features allow you to monitor the area you are covering very precisely and efficiently, so you are only alerted when you want to be according to your settings. You can know exactly when someone or object crosses an invisible line, leaves or enters a space, and more. 

  • Tripwire: Draw a line by the door, when someone crosses that line your camera will notify you with a push notification to your mobile device and record that scene.
  • Abandoned Missing Object: Great for lobbies, airports, banks, etc. This is used by designating a detection zone and setting a time, if an object is put in that area and it surpasses the time it is considered abandoned and will activate record, alarm and send snapshot.
  • Object Missing: This is great for valuables. You designate an object, if that object goes missing it will activate record, alarm and send a snapshot.
  • Face Detection: This feature detects any human face appearing in the video, captures the face, and sends it to the NVR for processing and analysis. From there it can activate snapshot, record, and alarm.

Simple PoE Installation – Plug and Play

When it comes to simplicity, Montavue has made it so simple that you just need to plug the included Cat5e ethernet cable into a compatible NVR, and the other end into the camera, wait a minute or two and the camera will be auto recognized and pop up on your screen. The PoE simplicity is perfect, as both power and video are transferred through the same cable. It also gives you flexibility with installation. You can run one single cable from the NVR up to 300ft, and then if you need to go further you can hook a PoE switch up and you can run it an additional 300ft for a total of 600ft. Each one of our Montavue cameras come with a 100ft cat5e cable.

With IP cameras the fun doesn’t stop there. You can bring in cameras to your NVR that are plugged in from around the world as long as they have internet access. This gives you limitless capability, and with the ONVIF compatibility of these cameras (all Montavue cameras are ONVIF compatible which means), you can use them on ONVIF compatible software and recorders. For plug and play compatibility we recommend Montavue network video recorders (NVR’s).



Compatible with MontavueGO – Our free mobile viewing app for PC/Mac and Android/Apple

With MontavueGO you can access and control your cameras and surveillance system from around the world with the power of internet and by using our incredibly easy to use application on your mobile device or computer. When using your mobile device simply download the MontavueGO app and scan the QR code on your NVR in order to sync your system to your phone. Now you can view and control your cameras from anywhere. Live viewing and past recordings are only the start, there are an abundant amount of features, one that we love is push notifications. Set the camera to motion detect and when something moves in the area you designate the application will send a push notification to your phone.

Advanced Motion Detection

With each Montavue network PTZ camera you have the ability to create very distinct motion detection zones. This gives you complete control over the alerts you receive on your phone, or record to your NVR. This advanced feature from Montavue allows you to only view and record the things that matter most. Each individual zone has its own sensitivity levels and thresholds. Gives you the power to fine-tune the zones to your exact liking and minimize false notifications from pets.

motion zones
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Industry Leading HEVC H.265 Video Compression for Less Storage and Bandwidth

The MTZ2250 IP PTZ camera is equipped with top of the line H.265 video compression. Compression is what helps minimize the storage needed to store your video and also reduces the bandwidth needed to send video through the network and to your mobile device. With H.265 compression, you can save up to 50% of storage compared to traditional H.264 compression. Or you can save up to 2x as much video when compared to H.264 with the same amount of storage used. Additionally, it increases the speed at which video transmits through the network and to your mobile device as they are smaller files.

  • H.265 compression reduces the amount of storage by 50% compared to traditional H.264 compression
  • H.265 compression reduces the file size which in turn increases the speed at which you receive video on your mobile devices and takes up less bandwidth on your network

Wide Field of View

When it comes to monitoring large areas, this Montavue PTZ camera has you covered with a lens field of view ranging from 4.8º-59.2º with 25x optical zoom. On top of that, when you have this Montavue pan-tilt-zoom camera, you can monitor a full 360º endlessly. One thing to check to make sure you are comparing apples to apples between cameras, is the difference between a horizontal and diagonal field of view. Make sure that both are horizontal or diagonal.

field of view 4.8 58.2

Indoor/Outdoor PTZ Camera 

These Montavue PTZ cameras are made of a heavy-duty aluminum housing with all weatherproof seals. This camera comes with an impressive IP66 ingress protection rating. Not only can it withstand the elements, it can also withstand high and low temps. This camera can operate from -40° F ~ 158° F (-40° C ~ 70° C). This is a rugged camera for all your applications.

Full US Support and Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty on all Montavue Products with option for 3 and 5 year extension

Like we said, not all surveillance equipment is created equal, and our standard 2 year warranty is a testament to that. We will stand behind our equipment for 2 years, and if you so choose to purchase one of our affordable 3 or 5 year extensions we will stand behind those as well. We are confident in our products performing for years to come, and want you to have peace of mind in your Montavue surveillance system.


Full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee Return Policy

At Montavue, we believe that when you buy one of our products you are going to love it, and if you have any issues with it you will bring it to our attention. We will walk you through it with our US-based tech support, or we will send you a replacement device if something is wrong with the item. We are confident products we sell are going to exceed your expectations, but in the event you still want to return the item, you have 60 days from your purchase date to send it back for a full refund. Please see our 60-day return policy for more details. Click here


  • Equipped with 2MP low-light image sensor to produce Color Night Optics. Only requires .005 lux for color video in low-light conditions
  • View an expansive territory with 360º endless panning and and an impressive 0º-90º tilt capabilities with this PTZ camera
  • HD 1080P image sensor provides two times the detail of 720p recording
  • Impressive 25x motorized optical zoom lens with 16X digital zoom to see finer details with a field of view from 4.8° – 59.2°
  • More than real-time recording at 60fps which gives crystal clear images with fast movement
  • H.265 video compression saves up to 50% of bandwidth and storage over older compression technologies. Resulting in higher upload speeds to mobile devices and decreased storage needs
  • Cold climate capable of operating from -40°C ~ 70°C (-40°F ~ +158°F)
  • Auto Infrared Cut Filter Removal (ICR) removes the IR cut filter during day time or when there is sufficient light to ensure accurate color representation
  • Remote control of the PTZ camera using a smartphone or tablet when connected to an NVR and using MontavueGO mobile apps
  • Ultra 2D or 3D DNR to smooth images with night vision and produce a clear night time picture
  • Program preset viewing points and tours when connected to an NVR
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) features such as tripwire, face detection, missing object, abandoned object, and more
  • True WDR, BLC, and HLC improves image clarity when there are high contrast differences, which reveals fine details even in dark and extremely bright areas of the image
  • Auto Day/Night mode switches the image between color and black and white depending on the amount of light available to produce the best image in low-light conditions
  • Wall mount bracket and 100ft (30m) of Cat5e cable included for installation
  • Extremely simple camera installation using a single Cat5e cable from your NVR or PoE+ switch to control, power, and transmit video from the PTZ
  • Tested Plug and Play Compatibility: Lorex, Q-See, and Amcrest – Not all recorders are compatible, please see our updated compatibility guide at
  • ONVIF (Ver 2.4) Profile S - compatible with ONVIF NVR's and software
  • MTZ2250 Specs

    Image Sensor1/2.8" STARVIS CMOSLens / Lens Type4.8-120mm fixed lens
    Rotation/Panning360º endlessTilt0º-90º
    Panning Speed500º/secondTilt Speed500º/second
    Video FormatNTSC/PALField of view H: 2.4º-59.2°
    Effective Pixels1080P(1920×1080)
    Frames per SecondMain stream: 1080P/1.3M/720P(1~50/60fps)
    Sub stream1: D1/CIF(1 ~ 25/30fps)
    Resolution2MP 1080P (1920x1080)PTZ Mode5 Pattern, 8 Tour, Auto Pan ,Auto Scan
    CompressionH.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264StreamsMain Stream: 2M
    Sub Stream: D1
    Third Stream: 720P
    Scan SystemProgressiveNight Vision RangeColor Night Optics, no IR
    Bit RateH.265/H.264: 448K - 8192KbpsNoise ReductionUltra DNR 2D/3D
    Day/NightAuto(ICR)/Color/B/WBLC ModeBLC/HLC/WDR (120db)
    S/N RatioMore than 55dBPower RequirementAC24V/1.5A(±10%), PoE+(802.3at)
    Optical Zoom/Digital Zoom
    Power Consumption13W,23W (Heater on)
    Shutter SpeedAuto/Manual, 1/1s - 1/30,000ssOperating Temp. Range
    -40° C ~ +60° C (-40° F ~ +140° F)
    Min. Illumination0.005Lux/F1.6(color); B/W: .0005Lux@F.16Ingress Protection/Vandal Resistance
    TerminationRJ45Gross Weight2.5kg(5.51lb)
    Dimensions186(mm) x 253(mm)HousingMetal - Aluminum
    Local StorageSD Card up to 128GBWeb Viewer, AppsIE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MontavueGo
    UPC: 853988007109


    • 1 MTZ2250 PTZ Camera
    • 1 Mounting Arm
    • 1 Set of Mounting Screws
    • 1 Power Adapter - unnecessary if powering using NVR or PoE switch
    • 1 100' cat5e cable
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