Security camera monitoring two people walking by


Security camera systems are arguably one of the most effective tools for securing your property. Just the visible presence of a camera has been proven to deter criminal activity. However not all security cameras are made equal. Some surveillance cameras have certain features that will increase your security beyond that of a simple camera. There are many security cameras out there with many different features. Some of these features are really useful and some of them are not so we here at Montavue have put a list together for you of the top 3 most useful security camera features.



Night Vision

An extremely useful feature of any security camera is its night vision capabilities. Recent advances in digital imaging sensors have produced drastic improvements in low light situations. This has enabled us to offer cameras such as the MTB4102 and MTT4102 that feature color night optics which allows the camera to display a color image even in low light conditions. These low light sensors are so good that in some situations the camera may never switch to infrared and may remain in color mode throughout the night. But if the camera does happen to switch you will benefit from a built-in Infrared filter and our powerful infrared LED's. Our MTZ4250-IRAISMD PTZ camera features infrared night vision capabilities that can reach up to 350ft! This feature is definitely worth its weight in gold. Especially when you consider that most criminal activity takes place when it is dark and criminals are less likely to be seen. If you are considering purchasing a security system then you will definitely want to make sure your cameras have good night vision capabilities.


Motion Detection

Another extremely useful surveillance camera feature is motion detection. The introduction of this technology into security cameras has been a complete game changer for security monitoring. Motion detection has a plethora of possible uses and I could dedicate an entire article to just that. But if I had to pick the most beneficial use of this technology it would have to be the time it saves when reviewing past footage. With this technology, you no longer have to sift through hours of footage looking for an event. Now you can skip to just the parts where something is happening. Saving you hours of staring at a screen with nothing happening. We believe in this technology so much that every camera sold by Montavue has this as a standard feature. We also took it a step further by allowing you to create custom zones of detection. This will allow you to mask off areas that you don't want the camera to look for motion such as trees. You will also have the ability to change the sensitivity and threshold settings for up to 4 different areas of your image allowing you to fine-tune your detections and minimize false alerts.




IVS stands for intelligent video surveillance. This technology is like motion detection on steroids. If you thought motion detection was the most useful thing in this list then you are in for a surprise. This is because IVS itself has multiple features including tripwire, intrusion, missing objects, abandoned objects and face detection. Again we could write an entire article dedicated to IVS but to save some time here I will narrow down on one of these features. I really like the missing object feature but in my experience with customers, the most useful has to be the tripwire function. This tool will allow you to draw a line anywhere in the camera's view using the camera's software. Then anytime that line has crossed the event is recorded and you can receive an instant alert on your smartphone using our free MontavueGo app. The reason this feature is so useful is that it just has so many possible uses. You can use it to get alerted when a package is delivered to your house or when a customer arrives at your store. Have an area of your house or business that people shouldn't be entering? Put a tripwire on it! Wanna know when your teenager tries to sneak out of the house? Put a tripwire on it! As you can see there are an infinite amount of uses for this making it arguably the most useful feature a security camera can have. This is why we are proud to say that every camera we sell has this feature and we would be more than happy to show you how it works.