Vacation Property Security Surveillance Systems

Security cameras for your construction site
Our Montavue Surveillance Systems are built for the outdoors.  Whether you need to monitor your family cabin up North or your condo by the beach, Montavue keeps your assets within view. Having multiple properties can be overwhelming to maintain and to supervise, especially when being hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  With the new MontavueGO app, you [...]

Security cameras for your construction site

The benefits of having your job-site secured with an IP security/surveillance system are vast. For one thing, having 4MP security cameras will ensure that anyone entering your job-site can be clearly identified and will deter thieves. With the 4K recorder, you can then store that footage for days in case you don’t realize something is […]

Home Security Cameras in Florida

While Florida has been enjoying a steady decline in property crime It still remains well above the national average. This is evident in a report from that lists 10 Florida cities as the most dangerous cities in the United States. Most significant is that property crime rates in Florida are still above the national […]

Home Security Systems in California

Investing in protection for your assets will always provide a good return. And the return on this investment is likely to grow due to rising property crime rates as reported by the Public Policy Institute of California. After a two-decade decline property crime, California has seen a 6.6% increase from January 2015 to June 2016. […]

IP Cameras for Casino Surveillance

Surveillance can be a unique challenge for even small casinos. Additionally, the significant amount of activity and potential for theft requires precise real-time monitoring. However, many casinos still rely on outdated analog technology. Even with the advent of Digital Video Recorders analog cameras, just can’t match the capabilities available in today’s IP camera systems. Only 4K Network Video Recorders and 4MP cameras can deliver the precise real-time monitoring you need to protect your assets, customers, employees and your business.

Home Security Cameras in New York

While New York has seen a reduction in crime it certainly does not mean it is free from crime. Actually, this reduction can be attributed to both a decline in reported crime coupled with an increase in the state’s population. In any case, You can always benefit from a home security system. As a matter […]

Home Surveillance vs. Home Monitoring

Many people are turning to the cheap small wireless security cameras that are easy to set up and give them a quick and easy solution to their home security needs. But are these cheap quick fixes really meeting their monitoring needs? For some, the answer is yes, but for others the answer may be more […]

Intelligent Video Surveillance Features

Intelligent Video Surveillance Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) is a new technology that we have incorporated into our IP network security cameras. IVS helps you catch the most important moments on your video surveillance system, without always watching live. The IVS features include tripwire, intrusion, abandoned object, missing object, scene change, face detection, and PTZ auto […]

How to install a security camera for your surveillance system

How to install your security cameras!  You have chosen the right manufacturer for your surveillance system. Montavue surveillance systems provide quality, reliable, and clear images for years to come. Before you setup your security system we want you to evaluate all of your installation options so you can place your cameras in the best place [...]