What Makes a Great IP Security Camera Company?


Montavue vs the Competition

When you have decided that you want to add an IP security camera system to your home or business you are faced with a very important decision.  Who should I buy the cameras from?  In this article we are going to go over some key factors that you should consider when you are making your decision.


US Based Sales and Tech Support

There are many security camera companies out there that are foreign owned and foreign based.  Montavue is not one of those companies.  Montavue is US owned and based in Missoula, MT in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  When dealing with a foreign company you are likely to run into an overseas call center when dealing with sales and tech support.  This can lead to a language barrier and scripted tech support calls, which makes it very difficult to communicate and even harder to have your issue resolved.  Many of our competitors will have you on hold for extended periods of time as well.   At Montavue we offer free US based tech support for the life of your product.  We have little to no wait time and very fast response time to emails and messages.  Our customers are the backbone of our business and as such they are our top priority.


Competitive Pricing

At Montavue we are confident that our pricing is competitive, and in most cases, will be much better than our competition.  When comparing pricing you will want to make sure that the cameras that you are comparing are equivalent.  Much of our competition will advertise 4K cameras and tell you they are just as good as ours.  You will want to double check this though, as their 4K cameras may only record at 12-15 frames per second which will result in choppy images.  At Montavue, all of our cameras will record 30FPS at their highest resolution.  This means that the camera they are trying to sell you is a lesser camera than ours (and our price is still usually better).  Many of the big companies out there will use marketing tricks like this to make their products seem better than they really are, and it is at the expense of their customers security.


Loaded with Features

Another way to determine if the cameras that you are choosing between are equivalent is to look at the specs and compare what features the cameras include.  With our cameras you can use our free app MontavueGo for all of your remote viewing needs. Many companies will charge you for the app or a monthly fee for cloud storage, so watch out for that.  You will also want to see what motion detection features are available. The majority of security cameras available today will include a basic version of motion detection, which isn’t very reliable and can lead to false notifications or no notifications.  At Montavue we offer advanced motion detect and intelligent video surveillance (IVS) features.  For more on these features please see our article IVS Features.  Most cameras available will also include some form of night vision, but not all night vision is created equal.  Many cameras will use very cheap IR lights that make the image appear washed out.  At Montavue, our cameras have high quality infrared lights and all of them have low light sensors to help the image stay in color in low light situations.  To learn more about this please see our article Color Night Optics.


High Quality Components

If you want an IP security camera system that will stand the test of time (and weather), you will want to avoid cheap cameras that are made with low grade components.  A good starting place for this is to check the material that the camera housing is made out of.  If it is plastic you can expect the camera to have a shorter life.  All of our cameras are made with aluminum housing so you know they can withstand harsh conditions.  Another good thing to check is the cameras ingress protection and vandal resistance ratings.  These ratings will give you a good indication of how durable and weather resistant it is.  To learn more about these ratings check out our article, IK and IP Ratings.


Warranty and Return Policy

A company's warranty and return policy will give you a good indication of the faith that they have in the products they are selling.  The shorter the return period and warranty, the shorter the expected life of the product.  We know that our products are of the best quality, so we are extremely comfortable offering longer warranties and return periods.  That being said, we all buy some things that for one reason or another we end up needing to return.  At Montavue we offer a 60 day no questions asked return policy.  We also offer a two year warranty, while much of our competition (especially when purchased from a big box store) only offer a one year warranty.  You will also have an option to extend the warranty to 3 or 5 years.


Contact Us

We know that there are lots of decisions to be made when choosing a reliable security system to protect your home or business.  We also know that all the information out there can be overwhelming.  Don’t worry though, our team of experts is here to help you get the system that is just right for your needs.  If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call or message us.

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