Why Your Restaurant Needs a Security Camera System

Benefits of a Security Camera System in Dining Establishments

Keeping a restaurant running and profitable is a very difficult venture to do in today's modern competitive and cutthroat business environment.  It is estimated that 80% of all new restaurants fail within five years.  Think about how many restaurants have came and gone wherever you live, it's probably quite a few.  This has caused restaurant owners to look for ways to make their operations more efficient and effective.  One of the best ways to do this is to add some security cameras to your establishment.  We are going to discuss some of the key benefits of having an IP security camera system at your bar, restaurant, or dining establishment.


Prevent Theft

The most obvious benefit is to prevent theft.  A well placed camera is likely to detour any would-be thief from stealing.  In the restaurant business this means more than just money being stolen from the register.  It also includes food, drinks, utensils, dinnerware, decorations, tip money, and employee property.


Monitor Food Quality and Customer Service

A security camera system will also allow owners and managers to have a record of all operations.  This is helpful when monitoring food quality, as well as ensuring that food production is being done in a safe and clean manner.  This will also help monitor the front of the house.  You can be sure that your customer service is meeting your expectations whether you are there or not.


Monitor Employees

A good security system can make a major difference in employee performance as well.  Having a security system present will encourage employees to work in an efficient and timely manner.  You will be able to see if your employees are pulling their weight while on the clock.  You can also be assured that employees are showing up and leaving at their scheduled shifts.  You will be able to see if they are respecting your employee meal policy (if you have one) or any other employee policies.  In addition, you will also have video evidence of any employee accidents that may occur on the property.


Monitor Customers

In addition to monitoring employees, you can also keep an eye on your customers.  This can prevent “dine and dash” situations.  It will also provide video evidence should a dispute or fight occur, especially if there is a bar at your establishment.  A major trend lately has been “slip and fall” accidents in which business owners have been sued.  You will want to make sure that you have footage of any of these events to make sure they are truly accidents.  Having security cameras present will also let the customers know that they are safe while spending time there.


Vandalism, Burglary, and Property Damage

One of the most important benefits of a good security system is to help prevent crime (other than theft) and provide evidence of property damage.  This includes vandalism, burglary, and any major damage that may occur to the property.  A good security camera can be key in helping identify criminal activities and culprits, as well as acting as a deterrent to crime.  They can also help you identify the causes of major damages to the property, including fires and flooding.  Many times, businesses can even receive insurance discounts if their insurer knows that they have a security system.

parking lot

Keep an Eye on The Parking Areas

If you have a parking area provided for your customers you would also benefit from having surveillance of it.  This can help authorities identify the causes of any fender benders or hit and runs that occur in the parking lot.  It will also allow you to be sure that there are no obstructions and nothing blocking traffic in the lot itself.  These could be safety violations that result in fines that could have easily been prevented.


Remote Access

With our modern IP security camera systems, owners and managers will be able to access live feeds and recorded footage from anywhere at any time.  This is done with remote viewing through our free MontavueGo App.  When you take a vacation you can check in on your restaurant to make sure everything is going smoothly.  For owners with multiple restaurant locations, you can keep an eye on all of them from one place.


Key Areas to Have Cameras

There are some key locations that you will want to have cameras mounted to make sure that you are able to see everything that is going on:

  1. Kitchen and Dish Pit
  2. Dining Area
  3. Bar
  4. Point of sale and cash register areas
  5. All entrances and exits
  6. Time clock (if applicable)
  7. Parking lot
  8. Loading and unloading zones for deliveries
  9. Walk-Ins and Pantrys

As you can see the benefits far outweigh the costs of a security system for your dining establishment or bar.  At Montavue we can help you choose the right system for your needs and even help you design a custom one.  We offer US based tech support with little to no wait time.  Give us a call or send us a message today and take huge step towards improving your bottom line and helping your business succeed.

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