Security Camera System innovator, Montavue, releases 4K 8 Megapixel IP Security Cameras

Press Release: Montavue, a world leader in IP Surveillance cameras and security systems has officially launched their 4K 8MP IP bullet camera.


The MTB8870 is an impressive 4K IP camera, including an 87º field of view, 150ft of IR night vision, and Color Night Optics for color viewing in low-light, at night.

The Montavue 4K IP camera is an all weather security camera with an IP67 rating, it will brave the weather from Alaska to the hot deserts of Arizona and California. Built with a rugged all aluminum housing, this 4K security camera is sure to impress installers and DIYers alike.

With our 4K 8MP NVR’s, it is a great addition to any of our packages and systems already in use. The MTB8870 4K IP camera can record at a full 15fps in 4K 8MP resolution, and 30fps in 2K 3MP resolution.

The MTB8870 4K IP security camera records at double the resolution of 2K 4MP IP cameras, and 4 times the resolution of 1080P 2MP IP security cameras. With our high resolution 4K image sensors, you are able to zoom in on the finest details, without loss of quality video, as there are more pixels in each frame.

2MP HD IP Camera: 1920 x 1080 resolution = 2,073,600 pixels
4MP 2K IP Camera: 2688 x 1520 resolution = 4,085,760 pixels
8MP 4K IP Camera: 3840 x 2160 resolution = 8,294,400 pixels (4 times 1080p)

With each frame being double the pixels, we have also equipped our 4K IP camera with the latest H.265 intelligent compression. With H.265 compression you can save up to double the footage you could with the old H.264 compression, and you are going to need it as 4K cameras take up double the space of 4MP IP cameras. Luckily, we also carry and install both Western Digital Purple and Seagate Skyhawk surveillance grade hard drives, so you can store tons of footage.

The MTB8870 4K 8 Megapixel security camera for your home or business, is top of the line and backed by our industry leading 2-year warranty, US-Based tech support, and 60-day no hassle return policy.

You can purchase this camera individually as an add-on or buy some of our pre-made bundles. As always, we would love to speak with you on the phone to discuss your needs, and help you select a security camera system. We have a wide range of IP security cameras to choose from, and we know it can be challenging to figure out which ones you need, so please let us help.

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