HypeIR Long Range Infrared Night Vision for Security Cameras



At Montavue we are continuously developing new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Our HypeIR technology is one of those technologies we are very proud of and are excited to offer our customers. With the advancements of new IR LED’s for our cameras we have been able to extend how far the light transmits giving us much longer range with much more uniform coverage.

For us to consider our cameras having HypeIR night vision, we need it to emit IR lights beyond 160ft in total darkness, that is without any ambient lighting. For that to be the case our cameras feature very special and powerful IR LED’s. Just one or two of our advanced IR LED’s completely outperform 18 or even 30-40 of the traditional smaller LED’s that you see placed around the camera lens.

We have 4 cameras in our portfolio that exceed 160ft of IR night vision in total darkness, and one of them far exceeds that expectation with 350ft of HypeIR night vision. That is fitting for our 30x Optical Zoom indoor/outdoor PTZ camera.

Montavue HypeIR Night Vision Cameras

Model MTT4104 Turret Camera MTB4100-VP Motorized Bullet Camera MTT4100-VP Motorized Turret Camera MTZ2250-IR 25x Zoom PTZ Camera
Cameras image image image image
IR Night Vision with Minimal Lighting 200ft (60m) 230ft (70m) 230ft (70m) 328ft (100m)
IR Night Vision in Complete Darkness 164ft (50m) 200ft (60m) 200ft (60m) 328ft (100m)
Special Features Built-in audio mic 4x motorized optical zoom 4x motorized optical zoom, Built-in Audio Mic Pan-tilt-zoom with 30x optical zoom
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