Color Night Optics Security Cameras


For most people, a camera without night vision is somewhat worthless. That is how infrared (IR) night vision was born and it changed the security camera world. With the invention of IR night vision people were able to use their cameras day and night, but at night the images are in black and white with the use of the IR light.
The security camera world has now been changed again with Montavue’s Color Night Optics security cameras that have very low light sensors that produce color images with minimal light. This gives you the ability to identify the clothes on a person, or color of the car driving by at night. With our low light image sensors you can:

  • See at night in full color with low-light conditions
  • See more detail with color images
  • Identify objects and people with better precision in color


Any company can claim their camera has night vision with color, but not all of them set a standard for themselves. We base our classification on science and specs. For anyone of our cameras to be considered having Color Night Optics, they need to have a minimum illumination of .1 Lux or less without IR or ambient lighting. The competition claims their cameras have night vision with color on some of their 4MP cameras that need over .38 Lux to produce a color image. Whereas our 4MP fixed lens cameras only need .08 Lux, and our PTZ’s only need .005 Lux.

Amount of light (Lux) needed to have Color Night Optics

Below you will see that even natural full moonlight produces enough lux to fulfill the minimum illumination requirement to produce Color Night Optics. With that, a porch light, street light, etc are enough light to produce color images with our Color Night Optics.

Below is a table of light levels and their corresponding levels of Lux to give you an understanding of how much a lux is.

An Impressive Feature

Montavue’s Color Night Optics is a game changer when it comes to night vision. We have set a standard for our night vision with color and all of our 8MP 4K, 4MP 2K and 2MP 1080P cameras can produce a color image at .1 lux or less. This feature will give you the ability to see color when other cameras won’t. Not all cameras are created equal so make sure to check the specs and don’t hesitate to call one of our experts.

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